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Re: When is the Last Time You Booted to Windows?

Mike McCarty wrote:

> I wonder how it is that this is supposed to be an echo about
> Fedora Core, and yet so much energy is spent by people talking
> about MicroSoft and its products, bashing them? What is there

It must be because MSFT have 95%+ of PCs I would guess.

> about the "last time you booted to windows" which is relevant
> to Fedora Core at all?

There are at least a couple of reasons I can think of.  One is that for
many, irritation or downright anger at MSFT's licensing is the motive
force actively driving them away from dependence on MSFT OSes.  This
started being the case for me three years ago, when I upgraded my mb and
was forced to explain myself to some underling in a MSFT call centre
before the MSFT money machine would let me run the OS I paid for.  I had
tried to understand Linux from curiousity before that (and slid off the
culture shock), but after it I applied myself with vigour in a long term
plan to master as much of it as I could to the exclusion of MSFT
products.  And understand I had written a lot of C++ in MFC, I was
pretty much completely a Windows Trained Monkey, so this was a big break.

"last time" is actually pretty relevant, because the overwhelming
Windows numerical superiority means that many apps have only been
available on Windows.  So how often one has to go to Windows to get
stuff done is some kind of metric for how Linux is doing as a "Windows
replacement".  In my case I have to continue to run XP in vmware because
of Protel, an electronics CAD package that laughs at anything less
convincing.  From the experience of running vmware for more than a year,
I can confirm Dave's suggestion that binary modules are just there to be

> "For MicroSoft Haters Who Happen to Use Fedora Core"
> Just nattering...

Ah now this "MSFT Haters" meme... the meme is interesting because of its
political-style question inversion... you know, like "anti abortion"
becoming "pro-life".  Instead of saying no to the proprietary,
controlling MSFT stuff being a positive choice for freedom and
self-determination, the term makes the people it is applied to out to be
a negative force, and also implies that there is nothing to hate MSFT
about and the people are deluded.  Some apologist or employee of MSFT
coined this forked-tongue phrase originally for sure.

Hey, you use linux, how do you feel about being a 'communist' and a


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