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FC4 spec file problem: %define doesn't work


 I found a strange problem with "%define" in .spec
file. my rpm version is 4.4.1-22.

 The problem is: The defined value with '%define' can
not be refered -- see the mykver variable defined with
"%define" which trying to
represent kernel version like "26" or "24". But it
failed to be refered later and I had to comment
'%define' out
and directly put the expression in the "Release:"
 I've seen a lot of '%define' in use in other .spec
files before, then what
is my problem?? Please help.

## failed to resolve Release with '%define' statement
%define mykver %(echo `/bin/uname -r | /bin/cut -c1-3
| /bin/sed -e 's/\.//g'`)

Name:      perforce
Summary:   perforce - perforce binaries and helper
Version:   2005.2
#Release:   3_example_%(echo `/bin/uname -r | /bin/cut
-c1-3 | /bin/sed -e 's/\.//g'`)
Release:  3_example_%{mykver}
Vendor:    Provided seperatedly by Perforce Company,
rolled together by Example company for easy
License:   Perforce

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