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Re: FC4 on Laptop, does it work??

Mark Haney wrote:
>Tomas Larsson wrote:
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>>> Subject: Re: FC4 on Laptop, does it work??
>>> On Sat, 18 Feb 2006 19:27:09 +0100
>>> "Tomas Larsson" <tomas tlec se> opined:
>>>> As I suspected.
>>>> Will both the pad and usb-mouse work.
>>>> Is there drivers for the ATI video avaible somewhere?
>>>> Any other culprits to think about?
>>>> Like: S-Video Out, the Fn-keys, IR-connections, Energie
>>>> soundcard, hotswap cd/dvd -- Floppy etc?
>>> It is extremely safe to install FC4. If you have any 
>>> problems, post the output from "lspci -vv" I have Fedora 
>>> working on two laptops; a very old Dell and a relatively new 
>>> Sony. The only issue (on both) is the modem. If I really 
>>> needed it, I could figure out one of the various solutions.
>>> BTW, I have an ALPS touchpad and a USB Logitech. Both work on 
>>> the Sony.
>> Ok, time to wipe XP from that laptop then.
>> Never done any destop install before (only server), which dektop to
>> Pros and cons with the various ones?
>> Anything special to consider?
>> Will it work from stock, or do I need to do a special build and
create my
>> own install CD's?
>> With best regards
>> Tomas Larsson
>> Sweden
>> Verus Amicus Est Tamquam Alter Idem
> Both mouse options work fine.  I know that on a Compaq a coworker of 
> mine has, the touchpad and the mouse worked out of the both.  The ATI 
> drivers (the RPM versions are better in my experience than the
> installer < ones) and I run mine at 1200 x 800 with no problems. 
> As for desktops, I was a diehard GNOME fan, but KDE 3.5 is 
> sensational and KDE 4 looks to be even better.  Haven't seen much buzz
> on the latest GNOME versions, so I don't know about it.  As for pros
> and cons, I can't really say.  Just about any package will work with
> either of the major desktops.  I would say the standard install will
> get nearly all of the components working except for (possibly) any
> wireless card you have in the box.  Otherwise it should be only a
> couple of things that might need tweaking.

FC1, FC3 and FC4 installed from the distribution iso images on my Dell
Inspiron 8200. Logitech Bluetooth mouse, PC-Line minimouse and the touch
pad worked from the start, as did the sound card.

FC3 didn't want to know about the IR port and I never got the modem to
work, but then, I don't need it, so didn't try very hard.

Still playing with FC4, but it looks good to me so far. If I can't get
DSL on site soon, I may need the modem sometime in the next few months,
so that will get some effort.

Peter Blake <peter blake org uk>
Blake Measurement Ltd

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