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Re: Book recommendation

On Sun, 19 Feb 2006 11:46:49 -0500
"Robert Bazinet" <rbazinet gmail com> opined:
> Hello;
> I am pretty new to Linux and Fedora in general.  I have setup a system at
> home I plan to use for a web server.  I am looking for a book recommendation
> for administering the system that will tell me how to optimize it by
> removing unnecessary daemons and others things a skilled admin might
> perform.
Hi Robert:

That's going to be difficult because Fedora is fast moving. There are
a number of FAQs that will be more current and probably better
written (IMO).

One thing that both helps and hinders is to install webmin. It helps
because it provides a GUI to server configurations, IPTables and a
host of other things. It hinders because you really need to learn the
command line.

Another thing that might help is to install system-config-control
from extras. This provides a unified menu to all of the configuration
programs. The daemons that you are referring to are controlled
through the services configuration.

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