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Re: PC speaker does not speak

Mike McCarty wrote:

My beep is through the sound card. I had to adjust it once and it

Ah, but that is not what is usally meant by the term "PC speaker". That is the thing that "beeps" after the BIOS has done POST.



I guess some others might only have the beep fed through their computer
soundcard also. Now either ctl-G or \\007, checking mail and the like
will beep after modprobe pcspkr is initialized.

I take it that the original poster found a resolution and now can use
system beeps? This was the main goal for the replys to the original
question posted.

Original post:
Even after modprobing pcspkr (and verifying that it's loaded, via
lsmod), I can't seem to make my laptop squawk. "echo -e '\\007'",
neither in a terminal window, nor or any one of the ALT-VTs, seems to
have any effect.

I know that the laptop can squawk -- it does it when I turn it on, so
I must be missing some other crucial step.



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