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Re: OT? Installing foreign package as rpm

tfreeman intel digichem net wrote:
On Mon, 20 Feb 2006, Mike McCarty wrote:

This particular situation is one which is not exactly quite
on topic, as I am using FC2 and want to install HPLIP. There
already is an RPM for FC4. But the same situation probably arises
with other packages which are available as source. So, my question

How do I create an RPM for HPLIP for use with FC2?

I think this is a better way than just

# ./configure
# make
# make install


For a number of one off packages, working from source tarballs, I have found checkinstall to be a very useful addition. With checkinstall the last step above becomes

# checkinstall make install
performed as root of course.

Unfortunately, checkinstall isn't a complete cure for lacking a rpm, particularly when the install routine isn't simple or has multiple steps.

You'll probably need to google or search freshmeat for a link, as I don't remember where I got the software.

Hope this helps tho.

I found this, which clams to be the home page...


It looks like it might need a tweak to look in /usr/redhat,
but otherwise looks like it might do the job.


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