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Re: OT? Installing foreign package as rpm

Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:
Mike McCarty wrote:

Also, in this particular case, the FC4 RPM might just
work, anyway. But I think the information on how to
install as RPMs is applicable to most foreign packages
and most/all versions of FC.

If you have the FC4 src.rpm, install it and try to rebuild it for FC2... I'll surelly need some poking and editing, but it may be easy to do... After you install the src.rpm with rpm -ivh , just go to /usr/src/redhat (that's usually where it's placed, unless you have configured your .rpmrc) and search for the .spec file.. Do some tweaking, then try do build with rpmbuild -ba something.spec... Keep doing that until it works ;) Usually if you can manually build the software through the old configure, make , make install routine, it should be fairly easy to make the spec of a "future" version work on an older version.

Thanks for the pointers. I think I'll give the "checkinstall"
procedure, and if that doesn't do all I want, then I'll try
doing what you suggest.

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