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Re: Cannot use fourth IDE HDD with FC3 ?

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 11:01 +0700, Amrit Angsusingh wrote:

Although I certainly sure that I do already use the fdisk and mkfs on
Hdd , I will do it again. But is there any other reason for that for
ex.  setting jumper on hdd?

You might check jumper settings on all drives.  I have had good luck
with modern drives and cables with using cable select for the drive
jumpering.  Others say that all drives should be jumpered to
master/slave even when using the CS cables.

Sounds like a good idea to check jumpering. Whatever you do, don't try
to mix the jumpering so one drive is jumpered as M/S and the other
as CS. I've not had good experience with CS, and am one of those
Jeff warned you would say use M/S jumpering.

If a drive is attached to the end connection of a CS cable (black
connector) it must be jumpered to master or CS.  Similarly if connected
to the middle connector (usually grey) if must be jumpered to slave or

Eh? Don't think so.

Those connectors are wired as master (end) and slave (middle) so the
jumpering must match.

I recommend always using CS for the drive jumpering based on my
experience with some problems seen when using master/slave jumpering on
the CS cables. YMMV


This certainly seems like a problem addressing the drive and may be
jumper related or drive/cable related.

On this we are agreed.

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