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Unsigned Thunderbird spell extension

Hi all,

I'm cannot install spell-(lang) for Thunderbird.
I downloaded .xpi file from http://dictionaries.mozdev.org/installation.html and when I try yo install from file in Tools/Extensions/Install I see file marked as Unsigned
and text tell me that I should only install software that I trust ...
Clicking anyway on Install now, the installation looks like successfull but I cannot find
the extension.
Link above say:

*Mozilla Thunderbird:*
*1.* Download the dictionary you want to install (right-click, /Save Link to Disk/...). *2.* In Mozilla Thunderbird go to /Tools / Extensions/ and click /Install/. Select the dictionary you downloaded and click /Open/.

Users having trouble installing, try the following:

     1. Copy the link from the Installation page
     2. Select the /Tools/ menu
     3. Select the /Extensions/ menu item
     4. Click /Install/
     5. Paste the link into the filename textbox
     6. Click /OK/
     7. Click /Install Now/ in the /Software Installation/ dialog after
the 3 second countdown
The problem is that clicking on Install I cannot paste the link anywhere!!!

Any help?


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