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Re: Writing to fstab

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Wednesday 22 February 2006 17:41, Mike McCarty wrote:

May I suggest that part of your reading be

$ man fstab



Been there, done that, Mike :-) As so often happens, though, I only understand part of it. I've done more reading since then, and understand a bit more. Man pages are great for refreshing the memory on switches once you understand the principles, but often are not the best first read.

I'll second that. Some of this stuff is just plain hard to find,

I've got a 600+ page book on Linux admin, and it only has 3 pages
in it devoted to fstab. In its defense, I'll say that it has
sections on "The Red Hat Way" and "The Debian Way", and has a
fairly complete table of what can be used in the "options" column.

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