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Re: FC4 --> FC5T3. Via nfs from dvd iso. Howto bootstrap install.

Nat Gross wrote:
Basic question, folks.
Machines A and B, both FC4.
A is the one I want to upgrade to FC5.
B has the dvd iso image in /nfs and is exported. (checksum ok.)

Setup either an ext3 (not from an LVM) or a vfat partition on Computer B which does not need to be mounted during the upgrade. Copy the DVD image from Computer A over to computer B. Remember the partition designation and directory where you transferred the DVD to. Burn a copy of the boot.iso to a CDROM. Boot from the boot image and select install from CD.

I believe the above is close but not 100% reliable for a how-to. It sounds like it would be easier to burn the DVD and install from the DVD itself.

A currently has B:/nfs mounted in /mnt/B.
A can currently browse the iso ok.

I'm confused to the B: reference. Are you using FC4 or MS systems for the mounts?

Question: How do I get the show on the road.

Burn a DVD or read how to install Fedora from an ISO image transferred to disk.

Going to the below link and signing up for fedora-test list might get you FC5 test specific information.


Sorry not more specific.

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