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Re: Hard drive cable question -

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 19:04, Markku Kolkka wrote:
>bobgoodwin kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika torstai, 23.
>helmikuuta 2006 01:48):
>> Does it matter which forty pin connector plugs into the master
>> and slave drives?
>Blue connector goes to motherboard, the black connector at cable
>end is for the master and the grey connector in the middle is
>for the slave.

Hummm, I've been told the black end is the mobo end.  Lemme look at 

And thats rather useless as all 6 connectors on the two 80 wire cables 
in my machine are black, and therefore not CS cables.  So I could very 
possibly be wrong.  And a quick search of the junkyard here did not 
expose a cable with multiple colored connectors.  In any event, its 
very important for those cables which have multiple colored connectors 
that the correct end be plugged into the motherboard.

>> I thought "cable select" cables had wires obviously crossed in
>> the ribbon cable but that may not be true with this 80 wire
>> ribbon?
>You're thinking of floppy cables. IDE cables with cable select
>have one conductor cut or disconnected between master and slave
> Markku Kolkka
> markku kolkka iki fi

Cheers, Gene
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