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Re: FC4 --> FC5T3. Via nfs from dvd iso. Howto bootstrap install.

On 2/22/06, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
> Nat Gross wrote:
> >>> Question: How do I get the show on the road.
> >> Burn a DVD or read how to install Fedora from an ISO image transferred
> >> to disk.
> > If I were able to find that info I wouldn't ask. I googled a LOT.

> Thanks for the information. i assumed the letter for the mounts were C:
> sort of designations.
> I googled a bit and found the below link.
> http://fedoranews.org/dowen/nfsinstall/
Well you DEFINITELY can google better then me.<g> (It's an art on its own.)

> I hope this helps you with the installation.

> Since you have a CD-RW on the computer you wish to upgrade, transferring
> the dvd.iso over to the computer you wish to update and burning a
> boot.iso  or rescue CD iso should allow you to install from the dvd.iso
> image that you transferred.
Ok. Now this is new. I can have the dvd iso on the same machine being upgraded?
I thought it has to be on another machine and hence resort to nfs.

> is one location for example for the boot.iso location.
Originally, I thought (was hoping) that the boot.iso was *inside* the
dvd iso. Imho, it should be along with a readme for nfs installs.

Thanks again.

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