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Linux kernel documentation

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Have you tried changing the fstab "options" column entry?
> You might try putting "nojoliet" in there for an alternate
> mount point. There's also a "case=<code>", documented for
> HPFS and HFS. It might also work for ISO9660. You might
> try "case=asis". The default (since 2.2.x) has been
> "case=lower".

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> This may be a stupid question, but where did you come up with your
> answer? I have manned fstab and mount, but see no mention of case,
> joliet, etc in there or on any other resource that google points me to
> when searching for fstab.

I'm not Mike, but I suspect he's been looking in the documentation that
comes with the Linux kernel source.

On Fedora Core 4, you can install the kernel-doc RPM, cd to
/usr/share/doc/kernel-doc-2.6.*, and look in the
Documentation/filesystems folder.

Or you can download a tarball of the source, or somewhere like
http://www.linuxhq.com/kernel/v2.6/15/Documentation/filesystems/ .

It's well worth being aware of this documentation -- there's a lot of
good technical points in there.

Hope this helps,


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