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Re: Unsigned Thunderbird spell extension

On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 15:56 +0100, Colin Brace wrote:
> And keep in mind that if/when you install 1.5, it will create a new
> directory structure, ie, /usr/lib/thunderbird-1.5/..., and you will
> have to repeat the process. 
> The same goes, BTW, for adding search engines in Firefox in 1.x; IIRC,
> this has been fixed in 1.5.

Can't Thunderbird use a generic /usr/lib/thunderbird/ for things not
specific to a particular release, with /usr/lib/thunderbird-xx/ for what
is?  I see Firefox allows something like that for some things.

And regarding Firefox, it beats me why things like search engine
plug-ins are installed for all users, and require root to allow it
first.  Yet things like themes can be individually installed.  Themes
could well do with a install once feature, and let all users pick from
what's available.  And search engine plug-ins could well do with the
opposite, too (allow individuals to have their own, stored in their own

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