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Re: New monitor and login problem

Paul Smith wrote:

On 2/23/06, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
Beyond Fedora Core 4, I have a partition with Mandriva 2005.
Meanwhile, my monitor changed to a LCD one, and I did the needed
changes in order to use my new monitor with FC4. However, I cannot
login with Mandriva because of the new monitor. What is the best way
to tell Mandriva the new settings needed by my new monitor? I could
plug back the old monitor... but just wondering whether it can be done
without it.
Run XFdrake - either from Mandriva Control Center or from the command
line. If your monitor model isn't listed you will have no problems with
Generic LCD.
Well, Anne, how can I run xfdrake if I cannot do my login?
I assume that linux is actually booting up, but that you can't see the screen,
so when the lilo screen opens, hit Esc and you should see a text login
screen.  Type 'linux 3' and that will give you a text login.  From there you
should be able to run XFdrake.

Thanks, Anne, for your suggestion. However, I am using grub and not
lilo. With grub the directions are?


To alter GRUB you can simply hit the 'a' key when you see the grub screen. This allows you to append the kernel line, Just add a '3' to the end of the line, and Mandrake should start in run level 3. When done running xfdrake, you can either re-boot (you won't need to re-edit grub), or 'init 5' to your normal X session.


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