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Re: file names lower-cased on cp from CD

Dotan Cohen wrote:

This may be a stupid question, but where did you come up with your
answer? I have manned fstab and mount, but see no mention of case,
joliet, etc in there or on any other resource that google points me to
when searching for fstab.

Well, from a variety of sources. I have a book on Linux Admin which
I find useful. But these particular pieces of information can be
found in

$ man mount

Well, not the part about which kernels had these options...

I am not doubting you- rather I am trying to build my arsenal of
resources. I do not plan on getting a degree in computer science, so I
therefore need to know from where to get answers without constantly
nagging the list with newbie questions.

Sounds like a good plan.

In any case, I am currently having fstab related trouble, that I am
trying to sort out on my own (with Hebrew filenames on a FAT32
partition). So any fstab-related resource would be welcome.

I don't know how that works. Sorry. But Google for

+hebrew +file +name +FAT32 +linux

turned up several hits, some of which look promising, one in
particular has some info like this...

In windows file systems (vfat/fat32, ntfs, smbfs) the file name is
always in the encoding UTF-16. Linux has mount options for those file
systems to decide to which encoding to translate (tranparantly) those names

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