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RE: M$ question [OFF TOPIC] [SOLVED]

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>>> Sorry Folks,
>>> I know this is a fedora group (I have fedora systems too) and
>>> I hope some of you are tolerant of *gasp* windoes.
>>> I am desperate so I need to ask if anyone had any experience
>>> in trying to create/copy the entire M$ windows OS (win2k pro) from
>>> a main (old) drive to a new (bigger) drive successfully?  I 
>am trying
>>> to get off of an old drive, transfer the contents of the old 
>>to a newer
>>> drive and remove the old drive.  I cannot get windows to 
>boot off the
>>> new drive.
>>> Here is what I tried to do:
>>> 1) Use Maxtor's disk utility:
>>>    a) Created 3 partitions; 36GB, 50GB, 50GB (from a 200GB HD) and
>>>        was forced to keep total # of space used to <= 137GB due to
>>>        the fact my old system does not support it (BIOS and 
>>MS 2000Pro)
>>>    b) Used partition to partition copy
>>>    Results: booting on the new drive worked however had a 
>>problem with
>>>    missing pagefile.sys - and the fact that explorer will 
>>not run no matter
>>>    what user you log in as.  Followed everything to restore 
>>>    but does not solve problem with user login (refuses to 
>>bring up the
>>>    user's profile / run explorer - but otherwise allows 
>>login to work but
>>>    limited context)
>>> 2) Used Norton's ghost 2002
>>>     This works well however ghost does not recogize specific 
>>>     pre-created on the destination drive and wants to claim 
>the whole
>>>     drive.  I was not given any choice to choose the 
>>specific destination
>>>     partition desired and it wants a NEW parition EVERY TIME.
>>> 3) Used M$'s own backup/restore program (lite version of 
>Backup Exec)
>>>     and it pretty much useless while you are running in 
>>windows as most
>>>     critical files are NOT backed up successfully due to 
>>open files. A restore
>>>     does not create a full and perfect copy of the drive 
>>being backed up.
>>>     Pretty useless so it seems.
>>> Any suggestions are appreciated!
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Dan
>>In addition to some of the other comments already, what is the bios 
>>configuration of the drive? I've worked with G4L (ghost for 
>BIOS configuration of the drive?  You lost me here! :-(
>>linux), and when 
>>moving to a larger drive it is usually critical that the 
>>number of heads and 
>>sectors per track need to be the same when moving to a larger 
>>drive. The 
>>number of total tracks can be greater. I just imaged a 40GB 
>drive to a 
>>250GB drive, and then took the free space to make another partition 
>Going from 20GB to 200(137)GB drive
>>afterwards. I found that Norton would not recognize newer 
>>linux partitions, 
>>so they could only be copied using the sector mode.
>>Is the Maxtor software loading a special program to get around 
>>the bios like 
>>ontrack, which might be why ghost doesn't see the other 
>>partitions correctly? 
>I specifically have a MAXTOR Ultra-Series DiamondMax, 200GB,
>8MB buffer, 7200 RPM hard drive that Staples.com promo sold
>this week for < $40.00.  The kit provides "MaxBlast v4.0"
>software for formatting and partitioning of these drives and
>yes, they install the ontrack stuff on the drive but you can
>opt not to allow it to be installed but I did not choose that
>option so maybe that is why Ghost gets confused.  I will try
>that again and let you know if this was/is the problem.

Removing the offending MAXTOR DDO(?) allowed Ghost to do the
parition to partition copy and the drive boots!  The only
downside I encountered was that I had to disconnect/reconnect
to the domain controller and re-setup the users for this disk.

Thanks for responding,

>>Have you looked to see if a BIOS upgrade is available for the 
>>machine to 
>>support the larger drivers. 
>Apparently, I have the latest BIOS version installed and it
>supports LBA (32) but I dont have an ATA 133 IDE chip so
>therein lies the problem with the Motherboard.  There is
>also no guarantee that if I buy the Maxtor ATA 133 card
>that the BIOS would even allow this drive to be bootable
>off the card.  That is is why it is not an option for me
>as I tried this once and I returned 5 different ATA 133
>cards due to the boot issue so I did not want to take this
>route again.
>Thanks for responding!
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