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Re: Hard drive cable question -

On Thursday 23 February 2006 15:16, Mike McCarty wrote:
>Tim wrote:
>> It does NOT matter whether a cable is a cable-select cable or not,
>> when you jumper your drives as master and slave.  They behave as
>> master and slave, as jumpered, no matter what the cable is.
>> Why is it that people do not understand this?  The jumpers on the
>> drive override anything else.  You have to specifically set drives
>> into the cable-select mode for them to pay any attention to the type
>> of cabling.
>Well, that depends on the drive. The CS system is designed such that
>a drive *can* override based on jumpers, and I've never seen a drive
>which used the cable select to override the jumpers, and it wouldn't
>make sense do to so to me, but drives' incompatibilities with each
>other being what they are, and electronic designs and testing being
>what they are...

That last sentences is just another corrolary of Murphy's Law I believe.

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Cheers, Gene
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