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Re: Hard drive cable question -

Carroll Grigsby wrote:
I went through some Maxtor data sheets, and they say that blue goes to the motherboard, gray to the slave and black to the master. I noted that Maxtor refers to the cable as a "UDMA interface cable". My understanding is that the 80 wire cables came into existence to handle the higher data speeds required by the UDMA interface, and don't have anything to do with cable select. Maxtor also states that the supplied cable is to be

That is correct. There are 40 wire cables which are CS capable.

used with either type of jumpering. Although Maxtor does not explictly

If the cable is made properly, then it is compatible with either
CS or M/S jumpering on the drives (if they are made properly).

state that the gray/slave black/master must observed when using master/slave jumpering, one of my hardware references [1] does say so.

That is unclear to me. The other pins are the same. It might have
something to do with termination, but for several years both floppies
and hard drives have used "close enough" termination, with something
in the middle on every drive.

It's left as an exercise for the reader to dissect a cable and settle the crossover/straight-through/termination questions. My eyes are too old for that kind of crap -- especially at this hour.

All one really needs to do is read the spec.

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