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Re: [akonstam: Re: cups sucks me]

On Thursday 23 February 2006 23:30, François Patte wrote:
>Tim wrote:
>> Tim:
>>>>Do you have the cups-config-daemon running?  It automatically
>>>>reconfigures CUPS in some way that I've not seen detailed.
>Yes. It is running and automatically destroys whatever I could change
> in cupsd.conf file to have my system working properly.
>We have no information about this daemon: who starts it, how to stop
> its nuisances, etc.
>Every man about cups system refer to
>I can read in http://localhost:631/sam.html#7_3
>(Sorry for the French, I cannot find this in english! in german,
>spanish, but not english!)
>Changer la configuration du serveur
>Le fichier /etc/cups/cupsd.conf contient des directives de
> configuration qui contrôlent le fonctionnement du serveur. Chaque
> directive suivie de sa valeur est disposée seule sur une ligne. Les
> commentaires sont ouverts par le signe dièse ("#") au début de la
> ligne. Etant donné que le fichier de configuration du serveur est un
> fichier texte, vous pouvez le modifier au moyen de votre éditeur de
> texte préféré.
>I translate the last sentence:
>You can modify it (cupsd.conf) with your preferred text editor.
>Why this possibility and why should I try to do so if
>"cups-config-daemon", systematically destroy my work?
>> Gene Heskett:
>>>What distrib uses that, I never want to even burn a copy to cd if it
>>>does that.
>> FC4, at least.  Did you think we were discussing something other
>> than Fedora on this list?  Are you so vehement against HAL, Kudzu,
>> and other auto-config tools?
>If they are more harmful than useful, yes, we must be vehement against
>>  At least this one can be disabled
>How to? as you say it yourself later on: there is no documentation!!!!
>> So far the only description I can find of it is what's written into
>> the system configuration GUI (This is a daemon for configuring
>> printers through D-BUS).  I've found no documention, just websites
>> where people have attributed it to problems, and instructions to
>> turn it off.
>So, something is to be changed in Fedora distributions!
Humm, unless FC4 has seriously fouled its nest, one really should be 
able to do something along the lines of this from a root shell:

#>chkconfig cups-config-daemon off
#>service cups-config-daemon stop

And it should be stopped forever.

>François Patte
>UFR de mathématiques et informatique
>Université Paris 5 - Paris

Cheers, Gene
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