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Re: FC4: which tool to dump ext3 file systems while keeping ext_attr and context information

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On 23 Feb 2006 at 16:54, Robinson Tiemuqinke wrote:

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From:           	Robinson Tiemuqinke <hahaha_30k yahoo com>
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Subject:        	FC4: which tool to dump ext3 file systems while keeping ext_attr
	and context information
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> Hi,
>  Any can help me choose a tool to backup ext3 file
> systems on FC4? gtar, star? dump? 
>  It's rumored that the gnu tar is not good at saving
> extended file system information, while I need to save
> not only file system's data, but also extented
> information like ACL, context, etc.
> Thanks a lot.

What kind of backup are you planning and how often?
G4L is a project that does a backup of a disk or partition. It uses dd 
compression and ftp. I use it to image my systems, with 98, XP and FC3 or 
FC4. It currently takes about 1 hour to image the 80GB drive with all three 
OS's into a 13GB file. Takes about the same time to restore. Since it uses 
dd, it copies all information. The machine needs to be booted from the G4L 
cd, so the system isn't available during that time. 

Another program you could look at is g4u, but it is a similar program using 
netbsd instead of linux. 

Another option that might be possible is partimage, but don't know if it would 
support the setup since it doesn't appear to be active.

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