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Re: pocket pc & samba

On 2/24/06, James Thorpe <james az hopto org> wrote:
> James Thorpe wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > Using my windows mobile 2k3 ppc I can access shares on my windows
> > machine with no problems - just connect to \\machine and up pops the
> > username/password screen which lets me connect.  When I try to do the
> > same thing to the samba shares on my FC4 box (which I can access fine
> > using XP) I just get a box pop up saying "Cannot find the file '\\'
> > (or one of its components).  Make sure the path and file name are
> > correct and all required libraries are available."
> >
> > Anyone else got WM2K3 and got it to connect to a samba share - is this
> > an issue on my PPC or is there a setting in samba?

I've not tried doing this and this is a shot in the dark, but you
might try accessing your shares as \\\\server\\sharename rather than
the standard \\server\sharename.  It could be that your Linux machine
needs to have the \ characters in the network path escaped in order to
work.  Again, shot in the dark and I can't guarantee anything, but
worth trying.


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