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Nautilus and document types


I have a somewhat strange issue with Nautilus. I am not sure, by what
means the following situation was created.

- every *.py file is correctly seen as Python-Skript (I use a german FC4.)
- every *.rb file is incorrectly seen as a rb-Dokument, when I access
  the Properties of it.
- double clicking it opens Vim as expected
- opening the *.rb file in gedit most of the time ends up without syntax
  highlighting, but not always. I suspect files seen once by gedit are
  highlighted from then one.
- double clicking an executable ruby script (*.rb) doesn'T start it, or
  ask for the possible options as with a python script, but it opens it
  in the editor.

So, I have two questions about that. 

- How can this happen?
- How can I stop that? I once had the setting, that *.rb files are
  recognized as Ruby-Skript, had a nice icon with a ruby on it and this
  is what I want to get back :)
- How can I re-register file types?

Best regards,

Oliver Andrich --- oliver andrich gmail com --- http://roughbook.de/

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