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Re: Kernel Compilation failure

Greetings Jeff ,

Jeff Mutonho wrote:

< snip >

I googled and found the suggestion that I should backup my .config file , run 'make mrproper'

That is supposed to run in the top level directory of the kernel sources .

restore the .config file , run

 'make xconfig'  ,

make xconfig if you are running it under X Windows , i would
prefer though

make menuconfig  , it's the same thing but under console


enabled the usb ipwireless driver as a module , save the .config file ,

run 'make clean'

make clean will revert things to the status they were before you made the
changes .

In fact what this paper is describing is how to build the kernel from source .
I don't understand why do you have to do a make clean  . And
i don't see a

make dep

step since you are running a 2.4.* kernel ( the 2.6 kernels have a slightly different
procedure )

and finally run ' make bzImage'.

Yes this is the step where the kernel get's rebuilded according to whatever make
menuconfig instructed .

But I'm still getting  the same error message.

I suspect that instead of

make clean

You should give a

make dep .

I can paste the contents of my .config file , if it may help solve this problem.

Btw if you don't mind what is the kernel version you are trying to make ?

Kind Regards,

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