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Re: samba shares in FC4

Mike Chambers:
>> Don't know if this would be double work for you, but why not setup NFS
>> to use on the linux side?

Anne Wilson:
> It doesn't feel worth it, Mike.  Samba can mount.  Fish can mount.  Why bother 
> with a third protocol?  I'll just set up desktop links to each mount, but I 
> don't like that solution. I like a fairly clean desktop.

I found the ability to do browsing somewhat of a problem.  Only some
things could do it.  There'd always be some application that you'd want
to open a file with, but not be able to because the remote file wasn't
explicitly mounted onto the file system, but had been browsed to in one
of the few applications that supported SMB.

If you're explictly mounting things (e.g. using /etc/fstab entries) then
the protocol becomes less important to you.  However, I found NFS to be
quicker than SMB (for me, at least).

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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