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Re: ./configure question

peter kostov wrote:
I have noticed that if I have installed say two packages - A.tgz
(source) and B.rpm, and now I want to install C.rpm (depending on both A
and B), the installer doesn't find the (installed) dependency A.

So I think that configure by default uses different paths  than rpm and
I should pass some parameters, like ./configure --prefix=?

What is the exact parameter that I have to pass to configure to make
both installations from source and from rpm compatible, or is the
problem elsewhere?

I use FC3, RPM version 4.3.2

My understanding is that rpm will look at the rpm database for
dependecies, so 'rpm -ivh C' will not find A no matter where you
install it.

Two choices:
1. (Quicker, but causes problems later) Tell rpm to ignore the
   dependecies and install anyway.
2. Build A as an rpm (difficulty varies, some packages provide
   a 'make rpm' target) then install using 'rpm -ivh A'.  I
   don't have any links on this, but there are quite a few howtos,
   you'll have as much luck with google as I will.  ISTR fresrpms
   has one.

Bonus choice:
3. Find a repository containing A and install from there via yum.


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