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Re: Newbie Questions

Timothy Brooks wrote:

I am about as new as they come.  I have downloaded Fedora and am about to
install.  I have a Windows 98 machine and am not sure if I want to set up a
dual boot or just put Fedora on this computer.  It is an older machine
(500MHz, 128 RAM) but I would like to see what Linux/Fedora is like.  What
would you recommend?

As mentionned elsewhere, 128MB is cutting it fine, but will do.  HD
space is important, I managed to get a very trimmed FC3 working in under
800MB a while back, but it had no X (ie. text/console all the way),
which I'm sure is not what you want.  If you're going for dual boot and
repartitioning the hard disc you really need to make backups anyway, so
depending what you want to do and whether you'd use this machine
otherwise a Fedora only install may be easier.

I need some instructions on installation of Fedora from a hard drive.  The
instruction with Fedora are too limited for me.  Can someone please direct
me to a more detailed source.

Afraid I've not done this, sorry.

Do I need to burn the .iso files to CDs?  I understand you cannot just copy
these files, that they need to be copied as .iso images, correct?  What does
what I just said mean?  Copy as an "image".  Is there a setting in my CD
burning program that I need to use?

Almost certainly (again, see Timothy Brooks's reply).  "Burn image" is a
pretty common one.

I think these questions help the group understand my level, which is very

Does Fedora have programs with it?  Does it include a browser or program to
check email?  Word processing?  Or will I need to find Linux software for
this computer?

It does have programs with it: web browser, email client, office
software, graphics programs, some games.  Applications make up most
of what's on the discs (in a way, what distinguishes different flavours
of Linux is the choices they make for their applications and how you
maintain them).  There's other stuff on there (compilers, webservers),
and multiple versions of most of the basic things, but go with the
defaults if you just want to try it out.

Sorry for the simplicity of my questions but as they say, you need to start

Yes you do, have fun!
(Now, if you'll excuse me, I've just discovered I have KTurtle


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