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Re: yum install from CD

If you have the DVD, You can do it, simply change the /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-core.repo - baseurl=file:///mountpoint (or ISO mount point)
This is really only useful after a new install to install groups that you skipped during the installation.

Once you've done an update via Internet however the above most likely will not work so well because of all the dependences changes.


Paul Howarth wrote:
Rino Mardo wrote:
i've gone over the yum online faq/handbook and either i'm thick or confused. i just need to figure out how to tell yum to install packagename.rpm from one of the five CDs that comes with FC5. you see with debian and freebsd, they have utilities to list the names of packages (installed or not) in case
you don't know how a certain package is named.

Yum does not currently support installing from CDs (this is planned for a future release).

If you have the ISO images used to make the CDs, you can get yum to use those though:


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