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Re: wireless and usb mouse issues

On 4/30/06, Stephen Esquibel <s esquibel gmail com> wrote:
Here's the issue:

I have been trying to get my wireless PCI card working under network
manager.  I have compiled a custom kernel from linuxant FC5-2096-stk16
(I pulled out support for other processors and added the default NTFS
support).  I compiled ndiswrapper against that source and installed
the module and the driver (rt61.ko).  Since then, I can see the card,
and I can scan for networks.  I can see my network, which I have used
WEP and MAC filtering.  When I try to connect, It cannot determine an
IP address.  On top of that when it starts to attempt the connection,
I get a system message telling me that the kernel is "Disabling IRQ
#9" and my usb mouse starts moving really slow.

What can I do to fix both the wireless and the IRQ conflict?

Update:  I have tried without WEP, and the problem still occurs. (Both
mouse and no connection)

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