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FC5 Firefox not rendering print same ast FC3

I just upgraded from FC3 to FC5 and everything went well except I'm getting some
firefox printing problems that were previously corrected in FC3.  I'm not
getting any responses from the firefox mailing list so looks like I need to go
back to the version I was using on FC3. 

Do I need to build from source?  I tried using the FC3 rpm but ran into
problems.  Appreciate any pointers on a best plan of action.  

More info below from my post to the firefox list:


I recently upgraded from (Fedora Core) FC3 to FC5 and am now using
firefox- Everything went well with the upgrade except the new
version of firefox no longer cleanly renders some pages for printing or Print
Preview. This is a problem I encountered early on when I first used FC3 but it
went away after a few upgrades of firefox.

We use a web based application that generates a report. It appears to be a form
with some protected fields. You can change some of the values by making changes
in those that are unprotected. They are using some kind of javascript and frames
so you don't see the details by doing a view source. When printing or in print
preview the data in the text boxes is not centered and gets cut off. Also some
pages that used to print on one page now flow onto a second.

I also use the latest same version of firefox on a Win XP machine and the
printing is fine there.

I've tried going back to the firefox rpm that was used in FC3 but evidently
there are some font differences or something. It installed but .... multitude of

I've also tried turning off pango by setting the env variable

Any help appreciated!

David Scholes

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