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Mouting nightmare (please wake me up!)

Hello all,

what's the new mess around mounting devices? Or what didn't I understand
properly? I've read all FC5 threads around /etc/fstab, mount, udev, hald,
gnome-mount, autofs, GNOME removable drives and media options.. and if I've
well understood, it's not recommended (read: not possible to make it work
properly) to define your usual mounts to /etc/fstab and (auto-)`mount` them
but we should to use hald for this now?

Also, I don't see how using gnome-mount could sound logical if I boot in
non-graphical mode.. am I wrong?

Using the fstab/mount way, I was able to decide what is auto-mounted or not
(in addition to the GNOME settings), and to choose the mount options. W/ FC5,
it seems that I should not use that way since I was getting dialogs telling
<me> that <me> is not able to mount or umount (<me> should be root), but for
half of those dialogs, the device could be mounted or umounted anyway
(impressive). I tried w/ or w/o sticky bit to mount/umount programs, no

Great, so I've set up some custom hal policy rules to get my external drives
to mount properly.. but what? It's not possible anymore (read: it was) to
override the mount options with hal? What happened? Isn't it possible to
mount external devices as non-root user? Who decided this? Where has the
desktop philosophy gone?

The only way I've found is to allow <me> to `sudo mount`, and set up a script
that I call from nautilus over the mounted device icon to remount it as exec
(IOW: mount -o remount,exec).. Shame.

Anyone who better understand all those auto-mount mechanisms than I do? Or is
everything messed up now? :-)



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