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Re: Free T1 Palatino fonts?

Paul Smith wrote:
> Thanks, Michael. I could not imagine that URW Palladio L corresponds
> to Palatino.

Font copyright status is ... interesting. It turns out that it's a lot
easier to protect the trademark name of a font than it is to protect the
shape of the letters. So an independent font "very nearly" the same as
the original font needs a different name -- and one different enough not
to fall foul of trademark law.

http://www.ms-studio.com/articles.html (the "What is really strange
about Arial" paragraph)

Intriguingly, http://www.ms-studio.com/articlesarialsia.html says:
    The designer of Palatino, Herman Zapf, has been known to do off-name
    versions of his own typefaces for other foundries (notably

And http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/palladio/ says
    URW Palladio
    Designed by: Hermann Zapf

Hope this helps,


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