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Re: Issues w/ Kickstart & building custom DVD

Philip Prindeville wrote:
I'm trying to build an installer DVD, and I'm running into some issues. This
is for FC5 on an HP n6000.

* changing the default timeout behavior for the loader, so that it's "linux ks=..."
 instead of just "linux".

Ok, figured this out... It was in isolinux/isolinux.cfg ... but the Kickstart documentation still isn't very clear about the values of "ks=cdrom" or "ks=harddisk" (or whatever)... i.e. WHERE on the respective medias the file is expected to be.
Is it in the root directory for a cdrom?  Is it in /tmp/ for the harddisk?

* figuring out where a good place to put the ks.cfg file would be (on the CD-ROM
 root, or in the ramdisk image root?)

* figuring out all of the options... I'm getting anaconda messages that "mouse" and
  "langsupport" are deprecated...

Seeing messages about finding the USB mouse, but "failed to loading mousedev driver"
(or some such message).

* and finally Anaconda is blowing out, saying it didn't like might ks.cfg file, but
  instead of a line number, it gives %s... grrr...

Is there an easy way to debug this? Because it's blowing out, and I sure can't tell where along the way it is... especially since the box reboots before I have
much of a chance to delve into things and figure out how far along it got.

I'll publish whatever scripts, etc. I come up with once I have things working.

BTW:  if anyone has a link for a Kickstart mailing list or IRC forum, that
would be handy too...


Any clues on where documentation for FC5 can be found? I've only found it for



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