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Re: newbie question about repos

Morten Gerdsen kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika lauantai, 6. 
toukokuuta 2006 11:52):
> Am I right in assuming that some of these are beta-versions of
> new packages, and would it be a mistake to use them?

development and extras-development are for developing the next 
version of Fedora, they aren't even beta software. It's a 
mistake to use them on a system that isn't intended for 
development work, or if you aren't a Fedora developer or tester.

> I realize that some might be unstable, but couldn't I just
> uninstall the new versions and reinstall the old ones if
> something was too buggy?

Yes, but you would have to do a clean re-install of FC5 to get 
rid of development packages. 

> I guess I am asking: which repos should I use if I want to
> stay "bleeding edge",
core, extras and updates.

 Markku Kolkka
 markku kolkka iki fi

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