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Re: newbie question about repos

On Sat, 2006-05-06 at 17:29 +0200, Morten Gerdsen wrote:

> But what about repos like "xxx-debuginfo", "xxx-development" and
> "xxx-source". Are these also only for testing and developing, or do I
> need some of them? What are they? (Just trying to understand what I'm
> doing)

The xxx-debuginfo are needed to file intelligent bug reports when you
have a repeatable crash.

What you do in those cases - install the debuginfo package associated
with the program that is crashing.

Then (if it is a gnome app) - when the application crashes, bug-buddy
(if installed) can often get a decent dump that will help the packager
(or upstream developer) locate the problem in the source code and patch

For example - if evolution is crashing when you do a certain task, you
would enable base and updates debuginfo repositories and run

yum install evolution-debuginfo

(also install bug-buddy if you don't have it)

Then - launch evolution, it should start bug-buddy when it crashed - and
provide the appropriate dump. Save the dump to a file, and attach the
file when you file the bug report.

bug-buddy produces a pretty useless dump if the debuginfo package isn't

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