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Re: fc5: install everything?

Mark Haney wrote:
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[Flame ahead] It's quite obvious that if you like the 'install
everything' option that you've never really worried too much about disk
space or security for your servers.  Who /needs/ KDE and GNOME on a
server?  Matter of fact, who /needs/ everything on a desktop?  Sounds
extremely lazy and inefficient to me.

[I now step down from my soapbox and move on to other things.]

Any machine that we install and send out gets an install everything,
since we cannot predict (and the customers mostly don't know) exactly
what mix of packages that they need for their specific application.

Security, we turn off the extra unneeded services, mostly the install
everything is to get all applications, libraries and such on the machine,
not so much all of the services.

Too many of our customers are using obscure libraries for their applications,
and none of them appear to use the same obscure libraries.


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