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Re: sendmail problem

Mike Kent indystar com wrote:

Thanks. I tried your suggestion, adding localhost and localhost.localdomain into local-host-names, restarted sendmail and neither sendmail -bt -d0 < /dev/null nor mail to helocheck cbl abuseat org showed any change. Both still say sendmail's ID is localhost.localdomain.

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05/08/06 05:43 PM
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	Re: sendmail problem


On Mon, 2006-05-08 at 16:21, Mike Kent indystar com wrote:
> Thank you very much. This would work if we didn't want to use
> sendmail.mc - unfortunately my team does want to use the configuration
> file, and we can't figure out what's keeping masquerade_as from
> working with Fedora 4 when it worked fine with previous releases,
> including Red Hat 9. Can anyone shed light on why this happened?

Masquarade_as is applied only to things where the From: address
is configured to be accepted as local. Do you have the domains
that aren't being rewritten in /etc/mail/local-hostnames?  (You
have to restart sendmail after a change on that file).
 Les Mikesell
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Have you tried setting your hostname, e.g. 'hostname ini-wf.indystar.com' (as root...) ? I'm about to try and configure my sendmail to actually work for mail, but i haven't really played with it much yet. I do notice, though, that even though I've never touched the factory defaults, it at least got the hostname right, even though all I've really done that should have affected it was to set the hostname. One other thing I've noticed is that it apparently defaults to only listening on the localhost interface ( and not the network interface, so I'll need to twiddle with that right off. In general, I would not recommend aliasing to anything besides localhost, all sorts of silliness could result. Also, are you plugged right in to a DHCP with your network? It's a superstitious holdover from my Sun, but I'd say as a general thing, *nix-ish systems simply don't like to be on a variable IP address. I have my home set up with a firewall router to the DSL modem, and run a fixed subnet in 10-land, the Sun and Linux systems at fixed addrs, and the Windoze systems use the
DHCP portion of the subnet.

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