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Re: sendmail problem

Greetings Ron ,

Have you tried setting your hostname, e.g. 'hostname ini-wf.indystar.com' (as root...) ? I'm about to try and configure my sendmail to actually work for mail, but i haven't really played with it much yet. I do notice, though, that even though I've never touched the factory defaults, it at least got the hostname right, even though all I've really done
that should have affected it was to set the hostname.

 One other thing  I've noticed is that it apparently defaults to only
listening on the localhost interface ( and not the network interface, so I'll need to twiddle with that right off.

From my sendmail.mc :

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

The above line is from my sendmail.mc and i guess it gives you a
hint on why sendmail defaults to listen to localhost .

As to the original question on this thread . The relative lines
from my sendmail.mc are shown below .


This is the domain that sendmail should masquerade to .



This FEATURE just says that if the mail is to be delivered localy then don't
masquerade .
This is the original Domain Name

Kind Regards,

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