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Re: real NIC or virtual interfaces - for httpd-Server

On Wednesday 10 May 2006 06:12, Götz Reinicke wrote:
> Hi,
> we run a RHEL4 Webserver with moderate access (aprox. 6 GB Tratic /
> month). We host three websites and at the moment we use virtual
> interfaces. I plan to migrate the sites to a new server and I start
> thinking about what would be better: real or virtual NIC. The new server
> comes with two gigabit onboard nics. But I could also by a second nic
> with e.g. 4 extra ports.
> What do you think? Any suggestions?

No matter what you do, make sure you have two different IPs for the actual 
system and the webserver. That will help you if you have to move the 
webserver to another box later. 

I would use both onboard nics - one with the host ip, one with the webserver 
ip. That way I can use the host ip to make backups without impacting the 
webserver traffic. Also, once upon a time, I got bit by a bug in the kernel 
that, when using the e100 drivers, bringing down a virtual interface would 
also bring down the real physical interface.

On the down side, you have two cables instead of just one... Also, is you go 
with a separate card, you potentially have better redundancy - if your 
network card fails (or someone purposefully puts high voltage onto your 
ethernet lan), you blow the card rather than the board. If your onboard 
fails, you can move to the card without having to run to the store first to 
buy a new one... Neither of those two have ever really been an issue for me - 
so far I never had a system board nic fail without the whole board dying.


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