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Re: Dell D820 ACPI suspend to RAM "just works", but can't understand why! Gnome-power-manager does not

Hello Paul,

On Wed, 10 May 2006 08:41:24 -0500 "Paul Johnson" <pauljohn32 gmail com> wrote:

> I had a Dell D800 with Nvidia 5200FX and I had to wrestle and fight
> with it to get suspend to RAM working.  It turned out that a properly
> written ACPI script in /etc/acpi/actions and turning off the kernel's
> agp support did the job.  To suspend, it ONLY works to do the
> FN-Suspend key.  None of the scripts provided for suspending
> worked--the system or video would not wake up.  That includes
> acpitools, pm-utils, hibernate, and gnome-power-manager (can't tell
> what it was trying to do to suspend).  pm-utils assumes
> Now I have a new D820 (Nvidia quadro card) with a fresh install of FC5
> (and the Nvidia driver), and there is no ACPI script at all. I hit
> FN-Suspend and the system suspends, and I hit the power button or open
> and close the lid, andit wakes up! No fuss, no fight.
> On the other hand, if I use the Gnome menu where it says "suspend",
> the system goes to sleep, but never wakes up.  It appears not to awake
> the kernel, or lock right away. It is not the "video does not wake up"
> problem that plagued me on the D800.
> After all the wrestling with the D800, understand that there are many
> different suspend scripts and not all are written for any particular
> video card.  But I do not understand
> 1. Why does FN-Suspend work without any configuration in /etc/acpi

Same here w/ my D810. Fn+Standby works w/o anything customized, but
Fn+Suspend works w/ a call to pm-hibernate thru the acpid events/actions..

Both suspend-to-ram and hibernate (to-disk) work from the GNOME menu here.

> 2. What is Gnome doing to try to suspend and how can I make it work
> like FN-Suspend.

I would also like to know what GNOME menus do (what they call)!



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