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Re: Fishing License

Now how does this come into play if someone is running a MS
application using Wine or CrossOver Office?   Certainly licensing
would still be a requirement.  But what would be the implications of
trying to monitor/enforce same both for MS and for the employer?

A bit off the initial subject of this thread ... but I'd love to see
the schools adopt Open Office (or Sun's Star Office), at minimum in
addition to any commercial office suite they would have.  I don't own
PowerPoint.  So I installed Open Office on both my Linux & Windows
partitions (personally I use the Linux one and log the kids into that
one as well, but need the Windows one as I can't seem to find a driver
for my Xerox GDI printer to work in Linux so I have to go over to
Windows to print).  But when I save it in PPT format for compatibility
with the school, some of the animation does't translate as intended.
It's unreasonable to expect parents to have access to PowerPoint for
school projects.  But it would be very reasonable to allow them to use
OpenOffice.  It's the end of the school year so I won't push it for
now.  But next year I'll be urging them to install it on their PCs to
provide that option (& support) to parents/students at no cost to the
school beyond a bit of time from the techie.

Actually some of the educational toys on FC would be a great tool for
schools.  I noticed the Logo application (forget the name, not on my
office system as I didn't install the games here of course).  One of
my kids recently did an exercise where they had to draw the resulting
shapes of a scenario where you move ahead 2 inches, 45 degree turn to
the right, move back 3 inches, etc.  This application would make that
much more interacative and interesting for the kids.  And that's just
one of a number of such applications.

Seems like a great initiative for a Linux Users Group to take on,
introduce Linux to the classrooms in their area.  Get them while they
are young and you will likely have them for life.

Jacques B.

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