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Re: Installation Philosophy

tfreeman intel digichem net wrote:

If the list thinks I've got something here in terms of a desired capability, I'll try to bugzilla something coherant to the developers for consideration. If not, well it won't be the first time I've had a brain fart...

Thanks in advance for the bandpass and consideration.

I prefer the Mandrake/iva installer to Anaconda. The ability run a customized install: packages, run-level, default running services and more before first boot. Their installer also resolves dependencies on the fly, but informing you of what they are and you can reject the changes (opposed to Anaconda's resolving after and you find out what is really installed after first boot). I guess I might send of list of things I would like to see in the installer to the maintainer, but here's my list:

- option to update to latest packages on install (FC5 uses yum so I think this is coming NEways) - option to run different install methods (like Windows software: Recommended, Custom (custom would have full transparency of packages to be install, and show uses what the dep chains are so
they can change their mind), set run-level, etc)
- option LSB (Server or Desktop (could be two big icons to select from)) and adjust deps for those installs

I am not a Linux novice, nor am I super advanced, and after each install I end up picking away and remove packages that I don't need. I don't have bluetooth, or firewire, raid or SMP etc, yet how many times do I uncheck those boxes on the installer and this stuff is installed anyways. When it comes down to it, Mandriva's installer is a good learning tool to help me learn deps and how a system comes together.


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