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Re: Upload problem on entire FC5 system

Benjamin Franz:

>> Are you on a cable modem? If so, your ISP might be bandwidth limiting
>> your outbound HTTP traffic.

> Like I said, I have full utilization of my upload on other apps or
> computers. HTTP requests only seem to lag. However, I am on a 30/2
> Mbps cable modem with the highest plan (allows servers, open port
> 80/25, etc) so that is not the issue. I do not have QoS or any traffic
> shaping filters enabled on my cisco router that would be interfering
> either... 

It may still be the case.  Unless you test whether your ISP filters HTTP
traffic from your port 80, you will not know if they're the cause of the
problem.  They could do something to *that* traffic differently than
other things, even if they allow servers.

The other thing that springs to mind is how you're allowing connections
through to your server.  Port forwarding?  Perhaps your hardware doesn't
do it very efficiently.

(Currently running FC4, occasionally trying FC5.)

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