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Re: FC5 - Windows Emulator?

clemens dwf com wrote:

> BUT, first all the install screens have been simplified to the point that you
> have little or no choice of what gets installed. No two levels like they used
> to be.

If you want to flog a dead horse there is another thread you can join.

> AND THEN, when it comes up I can find NO WAY to bring up a TERMINAL
> window.  Seems that should be #1 on some list but I cant find it at all.
> That would seem to make the emulation of Windows complete.

I don't understand what you mean by "Windows Emulator" and how it
relates to the rest of your question...if there actually is one.

> I finally gave up and tried to close it down, but of course you cant do that
> either.  I could <CTL><ALT><BKSP> to kill X11 and get back to the login
> screen, and there were two buttons there that looked much like windows,
> and on windows would have let me shut down the system, but NO neither
> of them would do anything.  Finally had to power cycle to get out of this 
> thing.

Is it that you want to start your system in a "non GUI" state?  Or, do
you want to know how to switch from the GUI to a "terminal" session?

For the former, you have several choices depending on your intention.
If you *always* want to start in non-GUI mode then you simply edit your
/etc/inittab to start the system at "runlevel 3".  If you want to select
that option at boot time you do it in the grub screens.  Basically
adding 3 to the kernel parameter line.

If you want to switch from GUI mode to a Terminal then "Ctrl+Alt+F1"
through "Ctrl+Alt+F6" gets you to one of 6 "terminals".  "Ctrl+Alt+F7"
gets you back.

> What do others think of this new look-and-feel?

That's another useless thread...

> If this is where Fedora is going, Im going to have to try Centos.

Centos != FC5

Centos = RHELv4

Seems like lots of folks out there have a hard time dealing with change.

Why be difficult when, with a bit of effort, you could be impossible?

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