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Re: Fc5 and AiGlx

2006/5/12, wattana <no-reply-gw fcp homelinux org>:

I'm newie here.

I've been used fedora from core 3, and the 5 version is the best.

Someday, surfing the web, I found a link to the Kororaa distro. Amazing... Xgl X server is wonderful.

Looking trought install it on Fedora, I've found the fedora alternative. Aiglx. Tried to install it, but doesn't work with n-vidia graphic cards (!!??)

Anoyone knows when nvidia will be supported??

May Aiglx work like Glx .I mean the cube desktop??

Is it possible to install the Glx desktop on fedora cores??

Thanks a lot. I guess this is the correct forum to ask.

for install glx into fedora try :


for aiglx:


Known to not work

ATI: Radeon 9500 through X850 (r300 and r400 generations). Some issues with rectangular textures may be fixed in new DRM CVS, need to verify.

ATI: Rage 128. Looks like driver locking issue.

ATI: Mach64. No DRM support in Fedora, still insecure.

Matrox: MGA G200 to G550. Needs at least a driver update to fix DRI locking. PCI cards probably have other issues as well.

nVidia: Any. No open DRI driver. Closed driver support coming soon though.

3dfx: Voodoo 1 and 2. No DRI driver.

ATI: Radeon 8500 through X850 with the closed fglrx driver. Uses an ancient version of the DRI driver API that can't work with the new driver loader. No ETA on closed driver support.

Anything without a free 3d driver.

bye luca

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