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Re: D-BUS/Qt3 bindings

Rex Dieter wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:

whilst trying to build knetworkmanager from KDE svn, on FC5, I get

configure: WARNING: You need D-BUS/Qt3 bindings

during ./configure

Do we have FC5 rpms for these D-BUS/Qt3 bindings ? Could find anything via yum search

In short, No.

Long story (as I understand it): the dbus-qt3 bindings were recently removed from upsgream dbus due to lack of maintainership. So, the version of dbus on fc5 is new enough to not even include those bindings. The good news is that there is a new dbus-qt maintainer (for both qt3 and qt4), but the new qt3 bindings aren't binary compatible with the old ones, and aren't distributed with dbus. So the question is, does kentworkmanager need/use the old no-longer-available dbus/qt3 bindings, or is it asking for the new (not-yet-available) dbus/qt3 bindings?

You may want to ask on the dbus mailing list:
They should be able to provide a more definitive answer than me.  (:

-- Rex

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