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Experience with FC5 - what's your take?

Hell Everyone,

I want to make the switch to FC5, but I keep seeing messages from people
about problems with FC5.  It could just be me, but the frequency seems
to be a lot higher than when FC4 came out.

At the moment I have a perfectly working FC4 system.  The only hangup is
that my laptop doesn't suspend/resume, but then again, I haven't tried
very hard to get it working. Still, I'm happy with FC4.

I'd call myself a very well experienced Linux user.  I'm confident I
could iron out most any problems associated with doing the upgrade.
But, I'm still hesitant.  So, can anyone convince me otherwise?  What's
been your experience with FC5 so far?  Were you able to wipe everything
and just keep /home intact (in the past I've had very wierd things
happen when I've done this, so I've had to do selective restores when
upgrading)?  Any issues that you just can't get rid of?  Has FC5 been
stable?  VMware Workstation running okay (I know about the patches)?


Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu
Linux 2.6.16-1.2108_FC4 i686 GNU/Linux 
10:32:09 up 4:01, 2 users, load average: 0.34, 0.27, 0.30 

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