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Re: Experience with FC5 - what's your take?

> Alas, it's not a whole bunch better with FC5. I have a Dell 600M and E1505,
> plus a Gateway MX3210. None of them sleep properly. I can see the ACPI
> lid/button events and the shutdown scripts kick, but it doesn't quite
> suspend properly. The CPU stays at high and won't throttle down, plus
> wireless doesn't completely shutoff.

I think when it comes to suspend etc., peoples experiences vary a lot, and 
this is far from a universal view. It seems very hardware dependant

For me, after installing (clean install to /, with /home and /boot on 
separation partitions that where retained) FC5 suspend and hibernate both 
worked out-the-box. I have a dell 8600 with an nvidia 5650 graphics card, and 
using the OSS nv driver it just worked straight away. Getting the nvidia 
closed binary driver going took a little tweaking, but still was relatively 

What hardware do you have ? maybe the some one with the same can comment.


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