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Re: yum upgrade

Bob Goodwin wrote:
Chris Jones wrote:
Note that the downloaded update packages remain under /var/cache/yum
even after they are installed.  If you have other systems you
can copy them in place so you don't have to download again or
if you don't have other systems you can 'yum clean all' to remove
them and save space.

I think, just for the record, thats only true for FC4. For FC5 the default behavior was switched to delete them after installation.
Another feature I don't want!

What do I change to prevent yum from deleting them?

I prefer to control what my computer does and such things really bother me. I updated the kernel and it left me only one earlier one, deleted the rest!

I searched through the yum and yumex files and it's not obvious to me where
this is set.

Has a line "autocleanup = no" set to "no" in response to a menu item I found but I still don't find any saved rpm's. With FC4 those rpm's were a resource I used
in other computers ...


Bob Goodwin   Zuni, Virginia   w2bod

Hi Bob, I checked and yes all the rpm files from the upgrade (291) are being saved at the place under /var/cache/yum/. There are other things saved here as well.


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